Zhu is a 39-year old migrant worker from Jilin Province, North-East China.

He left his rural village to support his family by earning more money than he would at home, working as a cook at a fish restaurant in the coastal city of Dalian.  He sleeps in the restaurant at night, and earns 1,700 RMB per month, the equivalent of £150. In his village this makes him a rich man.

China has not been immune from the economic crisis.  Zhu sees less tourists on the beach, and is worried he could lose his job. If so, he will have to return to his village as a farm labourer, where the work is hard and wages are low.

Zhu is not a greedy or ambitious man.  All he wants is enough money to support his family, put his 11-year old daughter through school, and smoke cigarettes, his only vice.


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Dalian beach
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Zhu cooking
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